New Refreshing Drinks Making a Splash at Triangle Distributing

By March 16, 2017News

Did you know that in 1993, the UN General Assembly designated March 22 as World Water Day? On this date each year, people from around the world work together to help address the world’s water crisis.

Everyday around the globe, there are 663 million people living without access to safe water close to their home. Many people spend hours each day waiting in line or traveling long distances just to make sure their families have enough water to drink and cook for the day. Those of us who live in developed nations like America take access to clean and safe water for granted, but for many people, that isn’t the case.

With water on the mind this March, it’s the perfect time to discuss a few water-centric items we’ve added to our product list.

First up is SpikedSeltzer, which was born from a desire of one beverage expert and one savvy investor to make the essential summer cocktail – something refreshing, flavorful, and with “shockingly low sugar content,” as Esquire said in its review. These alcoholic seltzers are available in four distinctive and flavorful options – Cape Cod Cranberry, Valencia Orange, West Indies Lime or Indian River Grapefruit.

The bubbly crisp taste of seltzer is sure to be a big hit for the spring and summer. As a lighter, low-carb and low-calorie offering, SpikedSeltzer is a perfect option for spring tailgating, a pool- or beach-side cooler or just enjoying at home on a warm summer evening.

We’re also about to start carrying a new line of bottled water from Agua Brands. This new product line offers everything your customers need to stay hydrated, as well as electrolytes and other healthful ingredients to keep you energized throughout the day or during your workout.

Agua waters are available in a range of 11 distinctive flavors, including watermelon, tea and lemonade, pomegranate acai and orange passion. We know your customers will be intrigued by this product, and once they’ve have had a taste, they’ll never go back to the old standby. Keep an eye out for these great new drinks, available from Triangle Distributing starting March 20!

We recently discussed the efforts of Stella Artois and, and this March, put your focus on water as well with these great new offerings from Triangle Distributing. To learn more about any of our products or to place an order, call Triangle Distributing today at 562-699-3424.