Eight Beer Styles Perfect for National Beer Day

By March 30, 2017 Craft Beers

National Beer Day is April 7, and with that in mind, it’s the perfect time to celebrate all the diversity that exists within the world of brewing. At Triangle Distributing, we have a huge selection of great beers from breweries large and small, giving our clients access to a variety of brews to meet their customers’ tastes. Of course, it helps to know what those tastes are! As you get ready to stock up for National Beer Day, here’s a closer look at eight of the most common beer styles.


The most popular type of beer is lager, which you can probably tell based on your customers’ monthly consumption of common beers Budweiser. Lager is light in flavor and color, and usually has a heavier carbonation than other types of beers. “Pale lager,” or American lager, is still a lager – it’s just produced in the USA, and can sometimes be even lighter in color than other lagers.


Pilsner beers are known for their crisp, almost fruity flavors. A perfect choice for National Beer Day or for a day at the beach, pilsners deliver a light, refreshing taste, often boasting a blend of hops that lend either a light bitter note or a citrusy twist.


Ale is a broad term and covers a diverse range of beers, all of which boast a light and hoppy blend. There are amber ales, pale ales, brown ales and black ales, plus – of course – India pale ales (more on that in a moment). These are perhaps the most common beer variety after lager and with good reason since they’re adaptable, often light on the palate and highly drinkable!


IPAs are nearly as diverse as the full spectrum of beers themselves. Seasoned beer drinkers may prefer the extra hop that comes with drinking an IPA, and with all of these awesome breweries cropping up all over the country, we’ve got a great selection. IPAs can range from extra boozy to extra bitter to extra fruity, depending on the different hop varieties used, and there’s something for everyone in our selection.


If your customers prefer a more dark and full-bodied beer, a porter might be just the thing. These robust beers often bring in heavier malt use that delivers flavors like mocha, coffee, chocolate and other tastes. These are also more heavy beers in terms of drinkability, making them a favorite for after dinner as a dessert or for a cool winter evening.


On the other side of the dark-beer coin lies stouts. Stouts tend to be fairly mild on the palate, but still offering more of the same smoky and rich tastes found in porters. Stouts also tend to be more “heady” beers, and are often less heavy than porters, making them a more drinkable alternative to ales and lagers.


Pronounced “weiss-beer,” these white brews are known for their sweet taste. These beers are often very aromatic, bringing notes of citrus, coriander and other fancy and delicious herbs to mind. Your customers are sure to love this light and refreshing option in your taps or on your shelves.


Finally, we can’t forget the nondrinking customers who still want to kick back with their friends and families and have a good time. Non-alcoholic beers are often brewed the same way as conventional brews and have been processed to remove the alcohol. Keeping a stock of non-alcoholic options is a great choice, providing an option nondrinkers or designated drivers who still want to enjoy time out with friends.

National Beer Day commemorates the end of Prohibition in the United States, so give the people what they really want – beer! Check out all of our available products and call us today at 562-699-3424 to learn more about ordering.