Talk with Your Teens About Alcohol Before Prom and Graduation Season

By May 16, 2017News
Family Talk About Drinking

Prom and graduation season in California is just around the corner, and if you have kids in high school, it’s natural to be worried about underage drinking at the upcoming festivities. Statistics show that teen alcohol use kills about 4,700 people per year, and high school students who use alcohol are five times more likely to eventually drop out of school. So how do you prevent your kid from becoming part of those statistics? It all starts with a conversation.

Prom night is a notorious night for teens and underage drinking, not only because most teens will be driving themselves or with friends to prom and the various after parties, but also because some parents encourage or allow the use of alcohol in their homes. This is particularly true a few months later at high school graduation parties, where alcohol is more readily available for adult guests and when it can be difficult to prevent teens from grabbing a beer.

The key is to arm your teen with the knowledge that will protect them on prom night and prevent them from using alcohol. The best way to do that is to have a conversation with your son or daughter about making responsible decisions and not caving to peer pressure from their friends. The Family Talk About Drinking program is a free parent guide, designed to encourage open and honest communication about drinking between parents and teens. This ongoing effort of Anheuser-Busch aims to help parents tackle the sometimes difficult task of having a calm, rational and respectful conversation with their children about responsibility and positive behaviors.

Studies have shown that parents who talk about drinking with their teens and help them devise strategies to avoid falling into the trap of peer pressure are still the No. 1 influence on teens. Having a talk with your teenaged son or daughter can help set positive behaviors about alcohol use and underage drinking, and help prevent your child from making irresponsible decisions. In fact, statistics show more than 40 percent of all 10th graders today drink alcohol. As we head into prom and graduation season, there’s no more important time than now to speak with your teen about why alcohol use is dangerous and why should be avoided until they’re of the legal drinking age.

Visit the Family Talk About Drinking pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest pages to learn more about how you can foster healthy communication about alcohol with your teens, and help prevent underage drinking or learn more and ask questions of parent coach MJ Corcoran on the Family Talk About Drinking website today. Triangle Distributing supports the efforts of Family Talk About Drinking and encourages every family to have conversations with their children to be responsible about alcohol use this season and year round.