Reminder: We Sell Non-Alcoholic Products Too!

Triangle Distribution sells non-alcoholic beverages

Not everyone can enjoy an alcoholic drink, so we want to remind everyone that we sell these non-alcoholic beverages as well, which are extremely delicious!

Summer is Around the Corner

The summer is slowly approaching us, which means beaches, cookouts, and festivals. These require you to grab a cold one, but not just any random drink. We have products for the non-alcoholic drinkers that just want to enjoy a delicious beverage. Here is a list of our products we offer:

  • Jarritos – originally a Mexican refreshment beverage that gained popularity as the best-selling beverage in the country. It has that perfect thirst-quenching taste on a hot summer’s day with a plethora of flavors for the adventurous.
  • Teavana – a native to Seattle with premium ingredients and natural blends, this tea will leave your taste buds interested in tasting all the flavors. It’s hot out, you’re sweating, just grab some iced cold tea!
  • Good2Grow – healthy beverages for the kids, so they can get that energy with the most nutritious ingredients out in the sun.
  • Nesquik – not just chocolate milk anymore! We also carry Nesquik Protein Plus, Nescafe Coffee Protein Smoothies and Nescafe Cold Whipped Lattes.
  • Langers – a family owned juice product that has the most refreshing flavors and ingredients. Carefully prepared and made, the Langer family takes special care of their products for your enjoyment.

We offer many more non-alcoholic beverages and energy drinks!

If you’re looking for some good, non-alcoholic beverages for this summer season to come, order today from Triangle Distributing at 562-699-3424!