Wine Snob? Nope…

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Wine can be so blah sometimes, but now it doesn’t have to be! 

Josh Ostrovsky, A.K.A. “thefatjewish” and Tanner and David Oliver Cohen, founders of “White Girl Problems,” have launched Babe Wine with three different varieties because they believe in different tastes for all.  

Why is Babe Wine so Good? 

If you’re someone who enjoys wine but would like a better refreshing taste for the summer season, Babe Wine is here for you. With three varietiesPinot Grigio, Red, and Rosé, you’ll be able to enjoy Babe Wine at a few non-conventional wine venues.  Leave the corkscrew and wine glasses at home and crack open a refreshing, slightly carbonated Babe at the park, beach, tailgate or even on a hike.  

Babe Wine created an amazing campaign during this COVID-19 Pandemic with their $1 million-dollar wine giveaway. With virtual parties nationwide including family reunions & bachelorette events. Babe also launched a trivia Instagram live show, which gave a free month of rent to a cocktail server from Las Vegas who had lost her job. 

In 2019, Babe Wine welcomed Emily Ratajkowski as an official spokesmodel for the brand.  Emily combined with Josh “thefatjewish” Ostrovsky and @drinkbabe have a reach of over 37.5M followers on Instagram.  That is some serious influencer power.

Where Can I Get Babe Wine?

Luckily, your local California distributor, Triangle Distribution Company is carrying Babe Wine. 

Contact Triangle Distribution Company at 562-699-3424 today to get your Babe Wine! 

You Might Want to Add Seltzers to Your List this Year!

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The big trend nowadays is leaning towards the seltzer drinks. Why is this? Well, we know that they taste great, are incredibly refreshing, and if you don’t enjoy beer, these are great alternatives. Now, Bud Light is adding to the mix. They just dropped Bud Light Seltzer, which is going to be huge! Everyone wants to get in on the action and so should you.

Why Choose a Hard Seltzer?

Beer can be filling and sometimes you just want something light and sweet. At Triangle Distributing Co., we offer a variety of seltzers including Natural Light Seltzer, Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer and now our newest seltzer, Bud Light Seltzer.

Here are some benefits of choosing a seltzer:

  • Lower in calories and carbohydrates compared to a similar-sized beer
  • Gluten-free because of fermented sugars rather than fermented grains
  • Refreshing and carbonated to be enjoyed year-round

Seltzers may be lighter, but with all beers it’s important to remember to drink in moderation, hydrate between beers and always drink responsibly.

The New Bud Light Seltzer

With all of the alcohol companies jumping on the seltzer train with their different varieties of seltzers, lighter seltzer is catching on fast. Bud Light Seltzer is a 5% ABV beverage with 100 calories and 2 grams of carbs. It comes in four different flavors including Black Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon Lime, and Mango.

We are happy to announce that we are providing this new seltzer along with our other delicious beverages. If you’re not a fan of beer, but you still would like to have a delicious alcoholic drink on occasion, try some of our seltzers out.

Triangle Distributing Co.

At Triangle Distributing Co., we distribute alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout a large territory of  southern California from East Los Angeles all the way down to Rolling Hills. We have a plethora of different drinks from several partnerships in which we are very proud to be a part of.

Contact Triangle Distributing Co. at 562-699-3424 today!

Football is back for Triangle Distribution

It’s Finally Football Season!

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Football season is back! Triangle Distributing Co. offers a wide selection of beer, hard seltzers and non-alcohol beverages to enjoy during the game.

Bud Light is the Official Beer Sponsor of the NFL

Bud Light is the official beer sponsor of the NFL, which means this one is a classic thirst quencher for the big game. Whether you are tailgating outside of the stadium, or your hosting a cookout in your backyard, Bud Light is the refreshing, CRISP choice to have while watching the game.

The clean, clear taste is brewed from the best ingredients from the Earth giving you the refreshing, CRISP taste when you need a breather from the nerve-racking game.

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer is the official hard seltzer of the NFL giving you a different taste to your tailgating event. Quench your thirst with a delicious and refreshing hard seltzer like Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer. The clean and crisp taste from the natural fruit flavors gives you the refreshment you need. Made without any barley or wheat, Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer is a gluten free beverage.

Bud Light Platinum

Bud Light Platinum is the official beer sponsor for Thursday Night Football. Having a long week at work? Are you looking to relax and have a few beverages towards the end of the week? Look no further because Bud Light Platinum is beer to be enjoying on Thursday evening while watching Thursday Night Football.

This smooth, slightly sweet finish will give you the satisfaction you deserve after the long work week. Yes, Friday is tomorrow, so don’t go overboard, but make sure to at least enjoy a good gulp of this tasty beverage.

Drink Wiser

Triangle Distributing Co. and Anheuser Busch continue to celebrate beer drinkers for making smart, responsible decisions. Hydrate between beers and plan ahead for safe rides. When supporting your team, celebrating an event or just relaxing with your favorite beer, remember to DRINK WISER.

Triangle Distributing Co.

At Triangle Distributing Co., we partner with the best brewers and drink manufacturers in the beer and beverage industry. If you’re looking to get back to your favorite football season beverages or would like to try something new for this season, contact Triangle Distributing Co., at 562-699-3424 today!