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Jarritos Sodas

Jarritos: Crisp, Refreshing Tastes from South of the Border

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We at Triangle Distributing Company love our craft sodas. One of our personal favorites is Jarritos, a craft soda from Mexico that is light and refreshing, and sure to be the perfect addition to any business’ soda list.

The Jarritos brand was created in 1950 by Don Francisco “El Guero” Hill in Mexico. By 1960, it had spread to 8 percent of the country, making it the most popular Mexican soft drink. The name, Jarritos, roughly translates to “little jugs” in Spanish. Traditional frescas were served in small clay jugs, which were designed to keep the beverages cool. The Jarritos logo even integrates the colors of the original clay jugs – green and brown – paying homage to that tradition. Read More

Bickford's Craft Soda

Craft Soda from the Land Down Under

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Different drinks have their days, and right now craft sodas are certainly experiencing a pretty hefty surge in popularity. At Triangle Distributing Co., we try to offer the best of the best in terms of what our customers love, which is why we’re proud to announce that we’ll now be featuring Bickford’s Old Style Sodas, coming to us all the way from Australia.

The Bickford family began its proud history back in 1863 and has maintained a reputation for creating products of quality and purity ever since. Their specialty is their Old Style craft sodas – ranging in many flavors from Orange Cream to Lemon Lime, all of which are well known in the Land Down Under. In fact, each and every bottle is still made using the company’s classic recipe developed more than 70 years ago. It’s this history that makes us sure Bickford’s is sure to be a hit here in the States.

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