Wine Snob? Nope…

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Wine can be so blah sometimes, but now it doesn’t have to be! 

Josh Ostrovsky, A.K.A. “thefatjewish” and Tanner and David Oliver Cohen, founders of “White Girl Problems,” have launched Babe Wine with three different varieties because they believe in different tastes for all.  

Why is Babe Wine so Good? 

If you’re someone who enjoys wine but would like a better refreshing taste for the summer season, Babe Wine is here for you. With three varietiesPinot Grigio, Red, and Rosé, you’ll be able to enjoy Babe Wine at a few non-conventional wine venues.  Leave the corkscrew and wine glasses at home and crack open a refreshing, slightly carbonated Babe at the park, beach, tailgate or even on a hike.  

Babe Wine created an amazing campaign during this COVID-19 Pandemic with their $1 million-dollar wine giveaway. With virtual parties nationwide including family reunions & bachelorette events. Babe also launched a trivia Instagram live show, which gave a free month of rent to a cocktail server from Las Vegas who had lost her job. 

In 2019, Babe Wine welcomed Emily Ratajkowski as an official spokesmodel for the brand.  Emily combined with Josh “thefatjewish” Ostrovsky and @drinkbabe have a reach of over 37.5M followers on Instagram.  That is some serious influencer power.

Where Can I Get Babe Wine?

Luckily, your local California distributor, Triangle Distribution Company is carrying Babe Wine. 

Contact Triangle Distribution Company at 562-699-3424 today to get your Babe Wine!